Angel Oak Park


“My kids are starting to notice I’m a little different from the other dads. ‘Why don’t you have a straight job like everyone else?’ they asked me the other day. I told them this story: In the forest, there was a crooked tree and a straight tree. Every day, the straight tree would say to the crooked tree, ‘Look at me…I’m tall, and I’m straight, and I’m handsome. Look at you…you’re all crooked and bent over. No one wants to look at you.’ And they grew up in that forest together. And then one day the loggers came, and they saw the crooked tree and the straight tree, and they said, ‘Just cut the straight trees and leave the rest.’ So the loggers turned all the straight trees into lumber and toothpicks and paper. And the crooked tree is still there, growing stronger and stranger every day.” – Tom Waits

I love Tom Waits music and his mind!! – Lola


(Photo of Angel Oak Park on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina, courtesy of Pinterest.Β The tree is estimated to be 400-500 years old, and so beautifully strong and strange.)


14 thoughts on “Outre’

    1. Thank you for your comment Mia. I saw a wonderful quote by Brene Brown the other day, β€œCool is an emotional straightjacket.” It spoke to me in the same way. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Waits quote, it is a favorite of mine. Enjoy your Sunday! – Lola 🌺😊

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