Eloquence – Ten Words


His words caressed my sins
Until they shined like diamonds.

“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers not thunder.” – Rumi

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

34 thoughts on “Eloquence – Ten Words

      1. Found this
        “Writing is eternal, For therein the dead heart liveth, the clay-cold tongue is eloquent, And the quick eye of the reader is cleared by the reed of the scribe. As a fossil in the rock, or a coin in the mortar of a ruin, So the symbolled thoughts tell of a departed soul: The plastic hand hath its witness in a statue, and exactitude of vision in a picture, And so, the mind, that was among us, in its writings is embalmed.” – F Scott Fitzgerald

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  1. Lola, this is lovely. Your words are beautiful, we should all be so lucky. 😉 Rumi’s quote holds hands nicely with your ten words, and the artwork is terrific, I really like it. Please have a wonderful evening and enjoy the rest of your week. ~ Mia


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