rain 7.jpg

You remember it rained

That day in July

I saw a foreboding

Obsidian sky

Temptation like lighting

Striking the core

Of a heart surrendered

Just days before

It drowned in desire

That fateful day

Only petrichor remained

After ardors decay

This soul laments

Your fleeting goodbye

You remember it rained

That day in July


“You cannot save people, you can only love them.” – Anais Nin


(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

22 thoughts on “Petrichor

  1. Stunning poem Lola. I love how you’ve managed to capture the sense of smell, which triggers all sorts of memories. Beautifully heartbreaking from the first word to the last, the repeat is wonderful. The Nin quote is so good, and so true.~ Please enjoy the rest of your day, take care. Mia

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Mia. I have been in the process of a long distance move and have been piecing this together for awhile. I’d like to believe the heartbreak of indifference could be soothed by the comforting smell after a much needed rain. I’d love to bottle it…lol. Enjoy your evening and the rest of your week – Lola

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      1. You’re welcome Lola. I want to wish you the best with your move. If you can find a way to bottle it, there’s definitely be a market for it. Please enjoy your evening too and the rest of your week. Take good care. ~ Mia

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  2. Many years ago after an intense experience had a great dream where after many other things,I saw a great thunderstorm approaching and given the name of the smell of rain over earth, took me quite a while to find a word for it.
    Thank you, great poem. πŸ™‚

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