puppy child
A plastic amber
Veil of tranquillity
Envelopes me in
It’s euphoric shroud
Of transient joy.
Dopamine dreams
Mask shadows
Of your longing
That once kept me
Awake at night.

(Photo – Pinterest)

Ruth B.’s lovely voice is comforting on this simple song about where we find our salvation. It’s a beautiful modern day lullaby.


7 thoughts on “Lullaby

  1. Lola, this is a lovely presentation. Thank goodness for the “Lullaby”. Your poem is beautiful, marvelously crafted, your words paint such a pretty picture. A wonderful photo and the perfect music video, both complement your poem so nicely. Wishing you well. ~ Mia

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  2. Thank you Mia! When I write, I usually start with an idea, write, re-write and then find a picture to go along with it. In this case I found the picture first and it spoke to me. I have been researching the ways we can naturally increase our dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin levels. It turns out that sunshine, laughter and hugs, the things we do so naturally as children, will do it. The pharmaceutical way seems to be the norm these days, but that is a slippery slope. We all seek to find our happy place when life throws us a curveball or two, and the simple joy of spending time children and puppies or having a glass of wine with a dear friend can improve anyone’s day. By the way have you seen this video yet? It is guaranteed to increase your serotonin levels today. It’s now the most watched video in the history of Youtube.
    I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine , hugs and lots of laughter! – Lola

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  3. You’re most welcome Lola. It’s interesting to shake things up a bit and be inspired by an image, this one is adorable and you can’t help but smile when you look at it. Thank you for the information on how to naturally increasing the happy neurotransmitters, yay! I hadn’t seen the Chewbacca video, it is fabulous! Thank you for the lovely wishes, likewise, I hope you’re filling your Saturday and Sunday with a lot of sunshine, plenty of hugs and a great deal of laughter. Always warm wishes. ~ Mia

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